5 Simple Ways To Blow Up Belly Fat In 7Days


Have you been finding it difficult to frequent the gym or give up the foods you love in the bid to win your weight lose/ belly fat battle? Worry no more as you are about to discover certified ways of blasting your belly fat with my 5 Immediate Ways To Lose Belly fat Fast.


Weird right? But it’s pertinent to know that breakfast we consider the most important meal of the day does not aid losing belling fat.

Research has proved to be on the other side of the common beliefs that it’s necessary to eat six small meals a day. It has also proven to have pitched tent against the notion that metabolism is ramped up by eating first when you get up. In reality, we are actually eating too much too often which is causing our bodies to store fat, not release it.

Taking a long break from eating can work instead in our favour. Fasting aids or increases burning of fat in the body, which in turn burn off that belly fat.

Research shows that the body burns significantly more fat 4-8 hours after your last meal and that fat burning hormones are increased during periods of fasting, so the last thing you want to do is sit down, have a big meal and ruin all that!

Additionally, fasting allows your body to release toxins, generate more energy, and regulate blood sugar, so you are healthier and feel better.

So instead of eating first thing when you get it up, wait approximately 14-16 hours after your last meal. So say you ate dinner at 7 pm, then wait until 9 or 11 am to eat “breakfast” the next day.

This also means NO snacking late at night! You’ll spend a good amount of time during that sleeping, so it won’t be too torturous, and after doing it for a while, you’ll get used to it.


Youʼre probably wondering…Do I really have to eat that healthy ALL the time? Impossible! My answer is NO!! Eating healthy shouldnʼt be a short-term unrealistic diet that youʼll never stick to.

Yes, it may be tough initially, but in the long run, it gives you the energy your body needs, and as you adapt you wonʼt crave the unhealthy foods so much. Eating healthy should be a long-term lifestyle so not only will you get the unwanted weight off, but youʼll also keep it off and be a whole lot healthier. Itʼs important to get the chance to eat those foods we love each week such as chocolate, pizza, or French fries. Your goal should be to eat healthy 85% of the time and the other 15 % of the time, itʼs ok to eat not so healthy (without going totally overboard).

So a cheat meal or two as well as small not so healthy snack here or there will help you keep your sanity and allow you to stick to a lifestyle of healthy eating. So if youʼre like me and LOVE chocolate or pizza, you donʼt have to give it up completely, just limit how often and how much you of these unhealthy foods you eat.


Before the advent of our artificial foods laden with such foods as candy, doughnut, soda, cereal amongst many others, their existed natural nutritious foods such as seed, meats, fishes, nuts, etc. which the early earth inhabitants ate and never grew fat belly.

Don’t you think it wise then that in the course of fat elimination from the belly or body, we need to pitch tent with natural foods?

There are varieties of them for our consumption which makes it in no way limiting as:

Fresh veggies: are full of healthy antioxidants and fiber, and are also low in calories. Local farmers are great suppliers of this. Frozen veggies are also good, but you must be certain from the label, they aren’t mixed with ingredients like butter sauce, sugars or unpronounceable chemicals.

Fats: Fats is needed and necessary for our bodies to function properly except when excessively consumed and wrongly too. Unlike how it sounds, fats don’t make you fat rather; it enhances fat burning in the body.

Carbs: This is another indispensable part of our diet as well as a form of energy for the body and brain. It includes foods like rice, sweet potatoes, and fruits. This is better than consuming sugary foods or processed foods.


This is a key part of fat burning which mustn’t be contemplated over. It’s a method that helps shape your tummy as well as tone the rest of your body also.

Weight training helps you build a sexy lean muscle mass, thereby boosting your metabolism which in turn aids you in burning more fats.

This ensures that more calories, fat, and belly fat are burn even when you are sitting down resting. I cannot but also mention that weight training activity will ensure the burning of extra calories that will burn the flab around your tummy.

Building muscle all over your body helps in increasing your body’s ability to burn fat. So, start incorporating a full body workout into your fitness program.


You need not have all the time in the world to do this, so you do not have to give the excuse of being so busy with no time to do it. The truth about this is, the less time you spend in the gym, the better.

How do I mean? By spending less time in the gym working out, you can have a bigger impact on your body’s fat burning ability. This entails working harder for less time during which you burn more calories and fat. This is because you are working harder and expending more energy so by working out twice as hard you can work out half as long to get the same calorie burn.

This system enables you to burn more fat during and after your workout. Note that this is only applicable when you work really hard. Practices such as reducing rest between sets, incorporating compound movements, incorporating circuits, or just picking up the pace, can help you to do this.


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